Expedition cruises planning

Inflot Worldwide is honored to introduce your our exclusive arrangements for cruising along Russian territorial waters at Barents/White seas, Franz Josef Land Archipelago, North-East passage and Russian Far East including Kuril Archipelago.

Inflot Worldwide service includes, but is not limited to:

· Expert consultancy regarding Russian legislation and procedures applicable for expedition vessel’s cruise along internal Russian waters.

· Development of the itinerary and elaboration of potential points of visit.

· Processing of Government permission to cruise along internal Russian waters.

· Processing of local permissions to visit points with access control regime.

· Processing of Custom temporary import clearace and Immigration cabotage clearance in and out.

· Processing of port clearance in and out.

· Professional assistance of the local lecturer during the cruise: lecturing onboard and coordination on spots.

· Inflot Worldwide representative assistance onboard during the cruise for general supervising and cooperation with local authorities.

· Visa Support assistance for the guests in order to apply for Russian Visas.

· Supply of Russian Sea Charts corrected up to latest notice of mariners or other needs as per vessel’s request.

· Accounting support including cost estimates, final disbursements and any supplementary expenses.