Port Agency

Inflot Worldwide nowadays is a multinational corporation, handling hundreds of port calls for cruise liners and cargo ships around the globe. As a leading company in both the US and International markets, INFLOT was selected as an official Business Advisor to the United States Senatorial Trust by Sen. Trent Lot.

Inflot Worldwide with assistance of the US based compliance agency has implemented Anti-Corruption Compliance program in accordance with the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), the UK Bribery Act, the Russian Anti-Corruption Legislation and other applicable laws worldwide.

Baltic Division

Local offices:

- Russia, St. Petersburg

Operational offices:

- Estonia, All Ports

- Finland, All Ports

- Sweden, All Ports

- Denmark, All Ports

- Faroe Islands, All Ports

- Norway, All Ports

- Lithuania, All Ports

- Latvia, All Ports

- Baltiysk (Kaliningrad), Russia

- Germany, All Ports

- Iceland, All Ports

- Greenland, All Ports

- Belgium, Antwerp

- Netherlands, Rotterdam

Russian Far East and Asia Division

Local offices:

- Russia, Vladivostok

Operational offices:

- Russia, Petropavlovsk K.

- Russia, Korsakov

- South Korea, All Ports

- Malaysia, All Ports

- Taiwan, All Ports

- Thailand, All Ports

- Vietnam and Cambodia, All Ports

- Japan, All Ports

- Indonesia, All Ports

Adriatic and Black Sea Division

Operational offices:

- Russia, Sochi

- Russia, Novorossiysk

- Ukraine, Odessa

- Georgia, Batumi

- Bulgaria, Varna

- Bulgaria, Nessebur

- Romania, Constanta

- Turkey, All ports

- Albania, All Ports

- Montenegro, All Ports

- Croatia, All Ports

- Slovenia, All Ports

White Sea Division

Operational offices:

- Arkhangelsk, Russia

- Murmansk, Russia

- Solovetskiy Isl., Russia

- Franz Joseph Land, Russia

- Novaya Zemlya, Russia

- Severnaya Zemlya, Russia

- White, Barents Sea & North East

Passage expedition destinations

Caribbean Division

Operational offices:

- Trinidad & Tobago, All Ports

- Dominican Republic, All Ports

- Grenada, All Ports

- Jamaica, All Ports

- Cuba, All Ports